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Sell tickets online: Make your leisure facility fit for the future

Would you like to sell tickets online, but don't want to invest a lot of time or money in developing a ticket shop? IT projects can be a significant burden for facilities such as zoos, museums and amusement parks. But introducing a ticket system with Ticketcounter as your partner is different. We have been developing secure shops for online ticket sales for a good 15 years. Each one is tailored to the individual requirements of the respective customer and can be seamlessly integrated into the existing environment. What do you have to invest for a standard ticket shop? No more than around four hours of your time!

Online ticket sales fit to your ideas

Online ticket sales fit to your ideas

We specialize in providing individual ticket systems for the online sale of admission tickets. We use a platform that has been tried and tested for a long time and is constantly being developed further. This ensures maximum reliability and safety. And yet the customization possibilities are almost unlimited. This applies to both payment methods offered and other visible parts of the digital ticket shop and the architecture behind it, such as coupling with accounting systems. This guarantees that your shop delivers exactly what your leisure facility needs.

Tickets sales online without upfront investments

Tickets sales online without upfront investments

Selling tickets online with Ticketcounter as your partner means that we build a simple ticket shop that already fulfils many wishes, without you having to spend a single euro. Before our developers get started, we talk about your requirements. This consultation with us won’t cost you more than half a day. And just weeks later you need to invest a little more time to test the finished product. We then embed it into your existing website. Only when you sell admission tickets via the new platform you will pay a small commission. You can of course take this into account when setting entrance prices.

Online ticket shop integrated seamlessly

Online ticket shop integrated seamlessly

The existing system landscapes are as different as our customers are. But it doesn't matter which cash register, turnstile, or accounting system your leisure facility uses: Thanks to their flexible architecture, our online ticket shops can be seamlessly integrated with almost any hardware and software. This ensures a smooth launch of every online ticket shop and allows external systems to continue delivering the output you bought them for. These couplings also help to ensure that selling tickets online takes the strain off your employees.

To an online ticket shop in three simple steps


Understanding your needs

You talk, we listen. And together we define what your online ticket shop should look like, which functionalities you want and where on your website we integrate the platform.


Development & implementation

Our developers get to work and design an online ticket shop that meets your expectations. You will receive test access and shortly thereafter you are selling your first admission ticket online.


Continuous development

After activation, we keep a very close eye on your online ticket shop. We regularly maintain the platform and optimize it according to the latest developments. This way, it stays up to date with the latest technology and IT security.

Make your leisure facility fit for the future!

We happily advise you about the possibilities without any obligations

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What you probably would like to know

Whether you're new to, or experienced with e-ticketing or other visitor management solutions, you probably have questions. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions for you here.

If you are looking for solutions for digital ticket sales, you will come across numerous providers of Internet-based ticket platforms. These shops are mostly detached from the existing system landscape of leisure facilities and event organizers. Ticketcounter ticket shops, on the other hand, can be integrated as required. For example, several couplings (e.g. to cash register systems or accounting software) are possible. The practical thing about it: you don't have to decide for or against interfaces on day 1. We can also program the shop accordingly afterward. This makes you flexible and saves not only work but also costs.

What advantages does a Ticketcounter shop offer compared to other solutions for digital ticket sales?

No, you do not need a modern website. Your website only needs to comply with current versions of Internet browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari. Then it is ready to activate an online ticket shop.

Do we need a modern website to be able to use an online ticket shop?

With us, you can sell tickets online without any upfront investment. Costs are only incurred in advance for complex programming work. Before we get to work, you will of course receive a detailed offer. As soon as we activate your online ticket shop, you pay a commission for tickets sold. You can of course take this into account when setting the price. Then you basically operate the ticket shop free of charge.

What are the costs of selling tickets online through Ticketcounter?

When building an online ticket shop, our team has a large number of modules at its disposal. They cover the most important functionalities without any prior investment. With a "basic" shop, you can sell tickets in different price categories online. The same applies to annual tickets (subscriptions). There are also modules that we can activate for you at short notice. There is a monthly fee for those. This includes the digital sale of time slot tickets. But for most of our customers, a "basic" shop provides all the functionality they need.

What are the standard modules and services in a “basic” shop that Ticketcounter can program for us without any upfront investment?

We handle the online sale of admission tickets for you. This saves you a lot of work compared to ticket sales on-site. At fixed intervals, we transfer the sales achieved, minus the agreed commission, to your business account. Of course, we act in accordance with GoBD (GoBD: Principles of Proper Bookkeeping).

How does the online sale of admission tickets via Ticketcounter work?

You can make most adjustments yourself. This also includes the prices and products, which you can change or delete as you wish. You can also add new content yourself. The interface is designed in such a user-friendly way that this is very easy. In addition, however, a quota of hours for free support is included in every standard contract.

What if we want to change our ticket prices or add a new product? Can we do it alone, or does Ticketcounter have to hanlde the changes the shop?

With a ticket shop from us, you automatically have access to all common payment methods. From credit card payment to advance payment to PayPal, all payment methods are included.

Which payment methods can we offer in a Ticketcounter online ticket shop?

Yes, that is possible without any problems. We can connect your new online ticket shop to your existing checkout system via an interface. If required, we can also offer you a complete package. In addition to the online ticket shop, this also includes a high-performance cash register solution.

Can we still sell admission tickets at the on-site counter if we decide to use a Ticketcounter online shop?

We program our online ticket shops in such a way that they do not require any special prior knowledge. Administrators receive a manual. With it, you can manage the shop very easily. Should there still be a need for training, we will find a solution together.

Do our employees need training so that we can sell tickets online?

Our visitor service will help if there are any questions about buying tickets in the shop. Our team can be reached by your visitors both by telephone and e-mail: on weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. and on weekends between 8:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. (Questions on other topics such as feeding times in zoos or guided tours in museums need to be answered internally by our partners.)

Who can visitors contact if they have questions about buying tickets?

Our customer support is there for you both by telephone and by e-mail on weekdays (9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.) and weekends (8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.).

Who can our employees contact if they have questions about managing the online ticket shop?

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