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Reliable visitor management systems: From subscription modules to access control

Reliable visitor management systems: From subscription modules to access control

Our visitor management systems contribute to the success of many leisure facilities throughout Germany and the Netherlands. In order to always meet our partners’ requirements, we have structured our range according to a modular principle. Are you looking for a partner who will support you with hardware and software from ticket sales to internal reporting? We are here for you. Do you only need a scanner or a cash register system to connect to your existing online ticket shop? Then you've come to the right place.

Modules & functionalities

A visitor management system from Ticketcounter is flexible and can grow with your requirements and wishes. Would you like visitors to be able to buy parking tickets online as well as admission tickets? Then simply book the combination ticket module. Our solutions for visitor management can also be expanded at any time to include services such as a visitor telephone or hardware such as scanners and cash register systems.

Online ticket shop

Additional sales modules

Scanner & Cashregister

Timeframe ticketing

My Ticket-portal

Visitor phoneline

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Cost concious visitor comfort

Cost concious visitor comfort

Our visitor management systems are designed to offer visitors to your leisure facility the best possible experience. For example, by avoiding annoying queues and enabling the convenient booking of additional services. At the same time, efficient visitor management allows for increased profitability. Because thanks to it, you can generate additional income and realize cost savings. In this way, your leisure facility fully exploits the potential of visitor streams.

Visitor management tailored to your requirements

Visitor management tailored to your requirements

When developing visitor management systems, we only use technologies that have proven their reliability for years. To date, tens of millions of consumers have made use of the visitor management systems that we have configured for various leisure facilities. And no system is the same. Because we program each module in such a way that it provides exactly the functionalities that your leisure facility needs. Tailored to your individual target group and system landscape.

Modularity saves costs

Modularity saves costs

The Ticketcounter portfolio is structured so flexibly that visitor management solutions can be implemented in almost any configuration. After a careful assessment of existing systems (software and hardware), we work out an individual proposal for the precise integration of the new tools. Subsequent extensions are possible at any time. You only use what provides a corresponding added value for your leisure facility. This modularity ensures maximum cost-efficiency both at launch and afterwards.


What you probably would like to know

Whether you're new to, or experienced with e-ticketing or other visitor management solutions, you probably have questions. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions for you here.

Our visitor management supports customers in optimizing their business processes. On the one hand, the result is noticeable on the income side. Each online ticket shop allows the marketing of additional products. For example tickets for special events on-site. At the same time, time slot ticketing ensures optimal utilization of the leisure facility. On the other hand, the modular structure of the systems helps to save costs. Because we tailor the visitor management exactly to your requirements.

How can switching to Ticketcounter help us generate more revenue and/or save costs?

If you sell tickets online, our ticket shops collect personal data. Of course, this is GDPR-compliant. Intelligent reporting prepares the data for you. In order to carry out marketing measures, you can pull the information from the system. Of course, all data can also be viewed in real time at any time. You decide for yourself which data you want to collect for target group segmentation when selling tickets digitally.

How can we use Ticketcounter's systems for marketing measures?

The demands of leisure facilities on visitor management are very individual. The solutions that we implement for amusement parks and museums, for example, differ significantly. Thus, the question of the amount of one-off investment cannot be answered in general terms. It largely depends on how much programming is required. Are you interested in our visitor management? You will then receive a detailed, non-binding offer in advance. This will also include running costs.

What one-off investment would we have to make? How high are the running costs for visitor management by Ticketcounter?

Both our ticket solutions for the online sale of admission tickets and our cash register systems, scanners and other hardware have an open architecture. This means: The tools for visitor management can be adapted and expanded as required. In this way, we can program almost any desired interface to integrate new applications into the existing system landscape.

To what extent can Ticketcounter's visitor management be integrated into our IT systems?

We handle the online sale of admission tickets for you. This saves you a lot of work compared to ticket sales on-site. At fixed intervals, we transfer the sales achieved, minus the agreed commission, to your business account. Of course, we act in accordance with GoBD (GoBD: Principles of Proper Bookkeeping).

How do you handle the sale of admission tickets via your ticket shops?

The reporting of our visitor management systems includes numerous data and key figures that support you in the management of your leisure facility. They can be used, for example, to optimally control visitor flows. Standard variables include, among other things, the achieved sales of tickets, turnover, capacity utilization and no-show rates and we are continuously developing and expanding our reporting.

What do Ticketcounter visitor management reports look like? What data is included?

You can access our visitor management systems with all end devices such as desktops, smartphones or tablets. The same applies to common operating systems such as Windows or Android. To view real-time information, you just log in to the admin environment.

What access options do we have (end devices, real-time recording, number of UserIDs, etc.)?

We provide you with cash register systems and scanner solutions for visitor registration that are tailored to your individual requirements. Our own IT specialists take care of that. Admission control can be carried out via app on smartphones or tablets as well as with hand scanners. Scanner solutions in electronic turnstiles or gates are also possible.

Which cash register systems and scanner solutions for visitor registration does Ticketcounter offer?

We want to be a long-term partner of the leisure facilities we work with. The personal support of our customers is obviousgly important to us. In addition to a personal account manager, you also have a helpdesk at your disposal to provide IT support if required.

Do we get a personal account manager at Ticketcounter?

Our employees who look after the visitor hotline speak English and Dutch in addition to German. They are there for your guests on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on weekends between 8:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. by phone or email.

Which languages do the employees of the visitor hotline speak and when can they be reached?

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